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Over the last few years our club has seen a number of new members who have not only never raced Historic bikes before but never raced at all! A quick look around the room at a monthly club meeting will tell you that most of our members have been racing for many years. I know when I joined the club there were not many thats hadn’t grown up racing. So what of the new breed of Historic Racer? Hopefully over the next few months we will hear from some of them and hear their stories about how they got into racing and how they find the current Historic Racing scene.


First up we hear from Dan De Blasio. I first met Dan while buying some parts for my ever growing collection of RDLC parts. A quick look around his shed showed up a nice Air cooled RD and most of an LC scattered about the place. After a quick chat it became apparent he was ‘one of them’ a Pitman but by a different name no less. So here is Dan’s story…


In 2016 I found a cheap old LC track bike and bought it with the idea of slapping on a set of tyres and going racing, but being relatives with the Man the Myth the legend, Mal Pitman he convinced me to strip the bike down and completely rebuild and restore it. After more than a year of work rebuilding the bike it was ready and looking immaculate. After doing about 5 track days on the bike, myself and the Pitman boys entered in the Mac Park Race meeting, Christmas 2019. My Goal for the weekend was not to come last and not to get lapped. I’m happy to say I achieved that. I slowly got my lines and was getting faster every session. I made every rookie mistake, stalling on the line (twice), and crashing on the in lap but I had some fun battles with a few guys and got my personal best time on the LC. I had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it again.


Dan De Blasio